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Charlton, Hampshire, 25th July 2023

The flow of stems within this formation is very consistent, with every laid element displaying a clockwise direction. While there are subtle differences between the flattened circles, these are mainly around the position of swirls and the interplay between stems forming the circle and those which form part of the radial avenues, emanating from the central circle. Stems from the avenues tend to be swept clockwise as they reach the half way point, contributing to off-centre swirls.




While the uniformity and consistency of flow direction is discernible on the ground, the intended impact might be in the image as viewed from above; with certain light conditions, each of the circular elements takes on a spherical appearance. This can be seen most clearly in Steve Alexander’s aerial photo (below).



Most of the flattened stems adjacent to standing crop have been laid very gently, with many either raised a few inches from the ground or brushed down at various angles.



The order in which the sections of this formation have been laid is, like other features, consistent in every section, although there is one anomaly. It is evident walking through the design that the avenues were flattened before the swirled circles, as the circles overlap the avenues on the inner side of each circle.



While this is uniform throughout, at one junction it seems that a narrow, outer part of the avenue has been laid after the circle. This could be due to a number of factors, including the accidental damage by a careless visitor walking too close to the edge, however, it is these kinds of anomalies that we look for, whatever the reason for their occurence.



Many of the swirls within the laid circles are not particularly prominent. They are, however, nicely off-centre, always to the right of the central avenues, perhaps as a result of following the clockwise flow beyond the centrally laid stems. A particularly fine example exists in one of the smaller circles (pictured) and is positioned significantly ‘right’ of the centre. 









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Charlton, Hampshire

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Intricate 9-fold design comprising 28 circles of varying sizes. THANK YOU TO THE FARMER WHO IS ALLOWING ACCESS TO THIS CIRCLE.

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