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Belgium cropcircle archive
belgian cropcircle articles and reports.

Pkcropcircles and UFOs, Karachi, Pakistan.
A Pakistani Self-research scientist Syed Muhammed Khurram Reaz, MS(IT), OCP, BS(CS), DCS, DAE has been invloved to find, search and research the Crop circles and UFOs in Pakistan for last 10 years.

a 10-days - also inner - pilgrimage with challenges on both spiritual and physical level with the aim of inner consciousness, overtonesinging and spiritual growth: Mr Beesley-healing ritual at Stonehenge, cropcircles, Avebury, Sillbury-hill, Avalon, temple of Zodiacsigns. Near death experiences, Eckart Tolle, Ervin Laszlo, Noam Chomsky, Richard Sheldrake, free energy,synchronicity, nature & spirituality, eco economy,

Twenty First Century Pan
Channelled communications of the light being known to humanity as Pan. & Leicestershire Crop Circles. Database & Baktun Thirteen. Spiritual Knowledge

CropCircle Research Germany (...and International)
This fully bi-lingual (English/German) site by researcher Andreas Muller gives a regularily updated overwiew of the state of nthe interdisciplinary crop circle research and is the home of \"ICCA-The International Crop Circle Archive\".

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
Investigating the crop circle phenomenon in the prairies and across the country since 1995.

Sacred Britain Tours
Visit crop circles, meet with expert researchers, take a helicopter flight, attend a crop circle conference; Private out-of-hours visit into the inner circle of Stonehenge; Explore Avebury Landscape Temple, Glastonbury, Chalice Well, Winchester & Wells. August 4-13th 2007. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Cropciclecodes translated
The Art of the Arcturians, the cropcirclecodes translated

Earths mysteries
This is a religious based open forum for serious discussion on all the earths mysteries. We hope here, to get to the bottom of what it\'s all about! come and view our home page, if you like what you see, please join. We would welcome you and love to see you there. Em ma\'at Nymaatra

Field Report ~ dozens of 400\' to 600\' parallel strips were reported laid down in three barley fields near Phoenix, Arizona in the town of Tolleson the week of May 18, 2005.

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