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Ground Report – Savernake Forest (2), Wiltshire, 09/08/05

This is such a lovely location, and to have had two crop circles this year has been great. The peacefulness, the backdrop and the seclusion together make this one of my personal favourite crop circle spots.

This second formation is located in the field opposite an unusual pattern of triangles which appeared earlier in the season. The design consists of a laid circle measuring 118ft in diameter with many standing elements within. There are six ‘crosses’ of standing crop which run across the main circle and a square is formed by four standing segments with straight and curved sides. Each of the straight sides measures between 67ft and 68ft in length.

The crop in the main circle is all laid clockwise, and within the ‘square’ part of the design it is laid in four distinct ‘sections’. I cannot comment on the quality of the crop due to the fact that I was unable to visit the formation until a few days after its appearance.

Within the outer ‘segments’ of the design the flow of the crop is anti-clockwise. Here the crop is noticeably less flat to the ground, often appearing to have been bent further up the stem rather than at the base.

The standing ‘crosses’ which run diagonally across the centre of the formation appear to be quite rough in their creation. There is a narrow path which runs clockwise around each one, in which the crop is laid underneath the rest of the flow. In some places this causes the crop flowing over the top to appear raised up.

The flow of the crop around the ‘crosses’ is generally fairly scruffy. The way they are formed means that some of the surrounding crop flows around the outside, while some of it flows ‘into’ the shapes to form a point.

The crosses themselves show some variation in shape and construction. One in particular has crop flowing ‘through’ it where in the others it has been left standing.

This is another one of those unusual designs which is (for me at least!) difficult to work out. Nevertheless another thoroughly enjoyable visit.

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Savernake Forest (2) , Wiltshire

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Square design within laid circle. Six crosses within centre.

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