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Ground Report – Ridgeway, Wiltshire, 31/07/05

This is a lovely looking formation. The design comprises six laid rings of varying widths, as well as a laid central circle.

It is another of those locations which can barely be seen from anywhere on the ground, even though it is not far from a main road, and of course the Ridgeway itself.

The design is simply a circle surrounded by concentric rings, the measurements of which are as follows. The circle measures 42ft in diameter. The inner ring measures 58ft, the next measures a little over 73ft, the next measures a little over 90ft, the next ring measures 107ft, the next ring measures 165ft in diameter and is 25ft wide, while the others are all around 4.5ft wide. The outer ring is 320ft in diameter and averages 11ft wide.

The crop is laid clockwise throughout the formation, and is generally fairly flat to the ground, although in some places it appears to have been bent a bit further up the stems.

In some of the pathways there does appear to be a raised ‘line’ running up the middle, which could indicate, but of course is not proof of, a manual construction. This can be seen in the image below.

There was evidence of node bending at certain points in the crop circle. I have included images of these in the gallery but they were only found in a certain part of the formation. A vehicle has clearly driven through the field at an earlier date, causing the plants to be flattened and then to grow up again. Where this ‘recovered’ crop meets the laid crop in the formation, the flow looks messy because the crop that was flattened before was laid in the opposite direction. I do not think that any of the bent nodes I found have anything to do with the formation of this crop circle.

I was able to visit this crop circle on the day it formed, but it had been well visited by the time I arrived there, so any judgements I could make on the quality of the laid crop would not be accurate. The easily accessible location means that again, more people go into and probably become aware of crop circles which can only be a good thing!

The simplicity of the design and the way the crop is laid on the ground means that there is not a huge amount to say about this formation. The design looks to be very accurate, and is certainly pleasing to look at. I felt that it was peaceful inside and great to see so many people coming and going.

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Ridgeway, Nr.Avebury , Wiltshire

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Series of large rings surrounding a laid central circle.

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