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Ground Report: Etchilhampton Hill (2), Wiltshire

26th July 2020 

This is the second formation to appear this year at Etchilhampton Hill, lying in what is really the same field but separated by the difference in crop. In contrast to its predecessor, which is visible from here and very close by, this circle is in a field of very young, green and sparse bearded wheat.

Many of the stems here have recovered to their upright position almost instantly (I visited on the day of its arrival) partly, in my opinion, due to how young the crop is but also as a result, perhaps, of being laid very lightly initially. The impression created is very gentle and 'soft'.

Again, in contrast to its counterpart at Etchilhampton, the condition of both the laid ans standing stems throughout the crop circle is absolutely perfect, with none of those inspected displaying any signs of damage other than what has been caused by visitors.



There are nine sections to the formation but only seven of these display a swirled 'centre' towards the outer edge of the laid areas. The swirls are not consistent and do not appear to follow a pattern, with three of them flowing anti-clockwise and four flowing clockwise. They vary in size and compactness and one of the anti-clockwise examples is more oval in shape. See range below:


Each of the standing 'spinner' arms is defined by a narrow band of stems, about 6 inches wide, which flows in towards the centre of the formation, against the rest of the laid crop. In more than one place, the narrow band shows further detail, with stems adjacent to the standing crop flowing against thos in the pathway.

The lightness with which all of the crop is laid to create this circle is evident throughout, with many sections defined by gently 'brushed' swathes of stems and, in one example, a single line of standing stems within the laid crop.





Crop Circle Summary


Etchilhampton Hill (2), Wiltshire

Crop Type

Bearded Wheat


Lightly laid nine-fold 'spinner' with central concentric rings.

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