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Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire

23rd July 2020 

This is such an incredibly complex formation that, walking through its many inter-connecting pathways, it really does seem impossible to discern a pattern to the flow of the crop, its direction and layering. The condition of the laid stems is very good, despite a few days' worth of visitors having walked through the circle before my visit. In most areas there is little or no evidence of damage to the crop.

Each of the laid pentagons towards the outer edge of the design contains a neat, flat swirl, with stems gently splayed outwards in a clockwise direction.

In contrast, the laid triangular elements close to the centre have similar centres but, this time, with stems flowing anti-clockwise.

The central laid pentagon contains a smaller pentagon, which is laid clockwise, surrounded by a band of stems laid radially, which then overlap the final, clockwise band of stems which define the outer shape. Even after some days on the ground, this whole section is still very clear and in good condition.

Due to the complexity of the design, there are many elements where pathways of laid crop run alongside other shapes or pathways. A form of gap seeking is evident at these points throughout the design, where swathes of laid stems have 'followed' the direction of the stems they are overlapping. See image below.


A final example to illustrate just how complicated and intricate this crop circle is, and how impossible the task is of 'unpicking' the order and chronology of its formation is, is shown below. Here, there are two pathways which overlap. However, unlike in most cases where stems flowing in one direction are either over or under those from a different direction, some of the stems flowing right to left (at the top of the image) are under those flowing from below, wheras others, in the crntre of the image are over the others! It's even more complex than first meets the eye, and that is saying something!



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Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire

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Incredibly intricate geometric design based around overlapping and nested pentagrams.

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