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Ground Report – East Kennet, Wiltshire, 01/08/05

I was not able to visit this crop circle very soon after its appearance, so the quality of the laid crop is not relevant as there have been many visitors. However, I like the design of the formation so much that I feel that I must write something!

Situated on a hill overlooking West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill in the distance, this seems like the perfect location for a crop circle! Although from the formation you can see a long way, and many features of this sacred landscape, it is remarkably difficult to spot from any of the surrounding roads. The best view, and it is not a great one, can be had from the Ridgeway.

An outer ring, then a standing wall of crop surround a striking pattern of 12 ‘triangular’ shapes, each contained within its own ‘segment’.

At the centre of the design is a laid circle with a swirled centre. Each of the ‘segments’ also has a swirl near to the central circle.

The crop flows clockwise throughout the formation, apart from in the triangular shapes, where it flows out towards the perimeter, then splits to flow out to each side. In some areas there is noticeable overlapping of the crop, indicating which ‘pathways’ were laid before or after others.

In some parts of the design the crop is still in remarkably good condition considering the amount of visitors to the site. Where it flows into the ‘triangular’ shapes which make up the majority of the pattern, the stems come together to create a very narrow ‘point’. Where this occurs the crop is noticeably less flat to the ground.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this formation. In my opinion the design is beautiful, and the relatively small scale of the whole crop circle allows visitors to appreciate this beauty, without it being lost on the ground through sheer size.

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East Kennet , Wiltshire

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Circular design with triangular elements leading from a central circle to an outer ring.

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