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Ground Report – Hackpen Hill (2), Wiltshire, 11/08/13

The central circle of this interesting formation measures 63ft in diameter. The intricate ground details include a central ring measuring 21ft across which is then overlapped by the crop within it laid radially and the crop outside it laid towards the centre.

There is then a six pointed star with many overlapping features, the sides of which (point to point) measure 51ft.

The overall quality of laid crop throughout the circle is very good, with many areas showing very little evidence of damage. Much of the crop is bent from a few inches above the ground creating a ‘raised’ effect in some places.


At or near each of the six vertices of the inner star lies a standing, swirled centre. Most of these contain a bunch of standing stems, varying in size. Common to all six is the beautifully flowing crop which surrounds them, overlapping the rest of the laid crop around each one.




Across the whole of this formation the overlapping crop is a key feature. This includes the six pointed star, the sides of which show some interesting variations.

Firstly, the swathes of crop laid towards the centre and towards the perimeter of the circle which then create a very clear ‘line’ helping to define the star but also appearing to emphasise the hexagon at its centre.


In some places, the crop which has been swirled around the standing ‘centres’ flows against the direction of the star, which is essentially laid clockwise.


At many points in the star there is evidence of significant multi-layering, often with crop from many directions coming together at once.

The small ring orbiting the main circle aligns with the white horse on Hackpen Hill, across the centre of the formation. On the morning of my visit this alignment also met the take off of a hot air balloon on the opposite horizon – perfect! 


The inner edges of the straight paths which make up the star have, in some places, been laid before the rest, six inches or so lying under some crop overlapping from a different direction.


Thank you once again to the farmers at Hackpen Hill for allowing access to their formations!


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Hackpen Hill (2), Wiltshire

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Small circle with narrow outer ring. Complex floor lay. ACCESS ALLOWED 2 PLEASE KEEP TO TRAMLINES

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