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Ground Report – Chute Causeway, Wiltshire, 10/08/13

This enigmatic formation is perhaps my favourite from the 2013 season so far in its design and within are many variations and intricate features in the laid crop.

Each of the laid ‘triangular’ sections within the formation show alternating direction, the narrower parts in between each of the standing elements flowing out towards the perimeter while the crop leading to each circular element flows towards the centre.



Where the main sections of laid crop flow towards the outer edge of the formation the stems overlap the narrow outer ring which defines the overall circle. Where this overlapping occurs there is evidence that the laid crop has ‘followed’ the clockwise flow in the outer ring.


The perimeter of all laid triangles is defined by a narrow path of laid crop. The direction of these six inch bands in the longer triangular sections flows towards the centre of the formation, against the main flow in these sections (see diagram and image below).


In contrast, the narrow paths around the edges of the triangular sections with circles flow towards the centre of the formation on one side, then turn at the apex to flow back out towards the perimeter. This is the same in all of these elements except one, which interestingly flows the opposite way (see section 1 on flow diagram).

The main swathes of laid crop within these sections flows from the perimeter towards the centre of the formation. In four of the six sections some neat overlapping occurs in the centre of each of these triangles (see images below), while in the other two, the crop is laid more directly towards the centre.


The narrow ring which intersects the central circular elements of the formation flows clockwise. It is laid under the circles which it intersects and under the main flow of stems in the longer triangles but OVER the edges of these triangles (see below).


Another narrow band of laid crop lies under the main flow in a straight line across the outer edges of the smaller triangles. This band continues in between the triangular elements to the outer edge of the main circle but this appears to be a curve rather than a continuation of the straight lines mentioned above (see diagram section 2, the same in between all other standing elements).




Each of the small laid circles flows clockwise and sits nicely over the laid crop flowing towards it from the triangles. Some of these circles have small standing centres.


The overall diameter of the crop circle is 166ft.

Thank you to the farmer at Chute Causeway for allowing visitors to this beautiful formation!



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