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Ground Report – Gripp Patch, Marden, Wiltshire, 31/07/13

Although relatively simple in its appearance, this crop circle contains many gifts for the close observer! There are many features under the surface layers of crop which, as ever, add to the intrigue.


The condition of the laid crop is generally very good, with little damage to stems. In the areas appearing messier, there are more broken stems but this seems to be due to the variation in direction of flowing crop rather than through impact on the ground.



The flow diagram below shows the direction of laid stems throughout the formation. Numbered sections are referred to below where I have illustrated how details in the laid crop appear at ground level. The overall direction of flow in all circles is clockwise and it is the underlying pathways which are anticlockwise, showing considerable variation. Measurements across the whole formation show a difference of 5ft between the north/south diameter and the east/west. The diagram shows the position of the formation as with the road below.



Section 1

Perhaps the most interesting of all the circles here, this area shows the underlying anti-clockwise pathway splitting and changing its course to cross the large circle, under the clockwise laid crop. At the top of this circle, there is a section of the underlying pathway of about 3ft long which flows back on itself.

The middle 6 inches of the band of laid crop which flows towards the central circle flows out towards the perimeter, against the flow of the rest of the stems.



Section 2

Here the anti-clockwise path again splits into two sections, which then flow through the two smaller circles parallel to each other before entering the next large circle. There are many examples here and throughout the formation where crop flowing in one direction has ‘joined’ the flow going another way, often at around 90 degrees.




Section 3

As the inner pathway enters the large circle it completely changes direction to join the clockwise flow. The outer pathway continues its path towards the centre of the large circle.

Section 4

The pathway which flows from the centre of the formation consists of more stems and creates the effect of a noticeably ‘higher’ section of laid crop which has been gently ‘brushed’ over it.




As this pathway reaches the centre it joins with the clockwise flow of the rest of the circle.



Section 5

The anti-clockwise pathway flows nicely around the centre of this large circle and then takes up its own flow again further on.

As ever, still images don’t show with any real clarity the complexity and intricacy of the laid crop inside this formation. I hope the video footage from inside the circle will provide more information. Once again, thank you so much to the farmer here at Marden who is allowing visitors to his field. Please only walk in tramlines to get into the formation.


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Gripp Patch, Marden, Wiltshire

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Celtic cross with large outer circles and smaller central ringed circle. Farmer kindly allowing ACCESS FOR ALL

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