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Ground Report – Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire, 17/07/05

Unfortunately the most striking, and most discussed ‘feature’ of this stunning crop circle is the large swathe cut out by the farmer on the day of its appearance. What a shame. I will move on to the subject in hand.

The field where this crop circle is located overlooks the stone circle of Avebury, and has hosted many enigmatic and controversial formations in years past. This is certainly one to add to that memorable list.

The design itself consists of a ‘Penrose Triangle’ with sides measuring some 126ft in length, surrounded by a circle of laid crop and then an intricate and complex pattern of laid and standing crop around the perimeter.

The triangle itself is designed to create the effect of an optical illusion, a seemingly ‘impossible’ shape. It appears to be very well executed, the accuracy of the dimensions and the straight edges showing no signs of any discrepancy.

Although heavily trampled by visitors after a day and a half, the accuracy of the lay of the crop and the neatness with which it was laid were still evident. Very crisp edges where laid stems run alongside standing crop, and a very uniform flow were clear throughout.

Undamaged stems could still be found in many areas of the formation, mostly underneath those that had been walked on the previous day.

There appear to have been some standing tufts and swirls within the lay of the crop. One of the clearest has unfortunately been damaged, but can still be seen in the image below.

The position of this beautiful crop circle on Waden Hill is ideal. During our visit, around 100 people passed through the formation. Some of them were there specifically to look at crop circles, but more just happened to be there and walk in. What an ideal location to inspire and interest people who might not usually consider this fascinating phenomenon.

I am sure the farmer will collect a considerable amount of money from visitors to this crop circle and we all appreciate his donating this to the local church. I expect he would have made even more had the formation remained intact!

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Waden Hill, Avebury , Wiltshire

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Penrose Triangle surrounded by intricate pattern

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