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Ground Report – Wanborough Plain, Wiltshire, 01/07/12

The overall quality of laid crop in this formation is very high, despite obvious evidence of fairly high visitor numbers in the five days between its arrival and my visit.

There is a definite ‘flow’ to the way the crop has been laid, with many notable features.

In many areas there is multi-layering of stems flowing in different directions and this includes the outer edges of the larger laid shapes where the perimeter has been laid in the opposite direction to the rest of the crop (see below).

Though well trodden in places (the obvious main pathways and flattened sections) there is little evidence of damage to stems, many of which have begun to recover significantly. Looking underneath the surface layers of laid stems shows the same picture, with the majority of stems bent neatly at the base.

Other areas of interest include some nice sections where stems flow tightly around or into corners, sections where opposing flows ‘meet’ creating raised effects, and one or two ‘loose’ but elegant swirls, positioned off-centre in the larger flattened parts of the design (see images below).



The diameter of the whole formation measures 236ft.

All in all this appears to be a well executed formation, pleasing from the air but also graceful in its presentation at ground level.


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Wanborough Plain, Wiltshire

Crop Type



Intricate design within laid circle.

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