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Ground Report – East Field, Nr. Alton Priors, Wiltshire, 03/07/05

What a stunner! This awesome crop formation lies in the East Field, below Knapp Hill, adjacent to field hosting the ‘flower’ design which appeared earlier in the season. I was at Adam’s Grave until 10 o’clock the previous evening, looking out over East Field and thinking about past formations there, as well as what might be to come this season. Little did I expect this the following morning, although I am not really surprised considering the synchronicities that prevail and guide us through each experience with this mysterious phenomenon! I will leave speculation about the significance of the eight pointed star at the time of the G8 Conference to other parties.

Driving past at 7.45am I noticed the formation and headed straight for it, and entering a few minutes later the only other visitor present was Will Carson, the farmer’s son, who appeared equally excited by its appearance.

At ground level the intricate inner pattern is difficult to discern, but it is clear that it comprises many squares and rectangles, both standing and laid.

The overall pattern is an octogram, and eight pointed star of laid crop surrounded by no less than eighty smaller squares spaced out around the perimeter. Within the laid star, formed by two overlapping squares, is another octogram formed of a central square with standing triangles. Within this is an intricate pattern of laid squares and many squares and rectangles formed with laid pathways and standing sections within.

The whole design surrounds a central square which measures 55ft across. The other laid squares measure 27ft and 14ft. The central square and those which measure 14ft flow in an anti-clockwise direction, with all other areas, including the 27ft squares flowing clockwise.

Within the central square there is a swirl at the centre, while those squares flowing clockwise have standing tufts.

There are pathways underlying the main flow of the central square, which flow from the outer design all the way across to meet it on the other side. These pathways are less than 1ft wide. The crop in the central square is laid in four directions and where these underlying pathways flow in an opposing direction, the crop is very neat.

Across the whole formation the pattern within the laid crop is very precise. I have already heard people comment that it is a mess, an observation I must disagree with.

The small squares formed with laid pathways and standing crop measure 9ft across, as do the large squares around the outside of the design. The smaller of these surrounding squares measure 4ft across. Some of these squares appear to be positioned at a slight angle to the edge of the main eight pointed star. Within all of the outer squares, which are all laid clockwise, there are beautifully swirled centres, the crop flowing fluidly around and out to form each shape.

When I entered the formation in the morning, the laid crop was in very good condition, with no evidence of any damage to the stems. As it was early, and raining, our boots were muddy and it was clear where we had walked as our footprints made very obvious marks wherever we stepped. This served as a reminder just how much of an effect a couple of visitors can have on a fresh crop circle, and how making a judgement is futile unless you are sure you are the first inside.

In some of the square and rectangular pathways there were enlarged and bent nodes.

There are more pathways in the outer, and largest area of laid crop, which emphasise that the eight pointed star is constructed with two overlapping squares. These pathways are each a few feet wide and instead of flowing under the rest of the crop, are a more prominent feature of the pattern.

The whole formation is aligned north to south, in the direction of Picked Hill.

Being in this crop circle so early, and having contemplated the ‘blank canvas’ that existed there just hours before added to my feeling of elation. Peaceful and still inside, I had a strong feeling of not wanting to leave, even though rain persisted throughout my early visit. Needless to say I went back for more later on in the day. This is a truly remarkable formation.

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East Field - Alton Priors, Wiltshire

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Large eight pointed star with complex internal pattern.

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