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Ground Report – Savernake Forest, Wiltshire 23/06/10


One of my all time favourite locations to visit a crop circle. Not only is the farmer here astute enough to collect money for entry to his field, but the tree lined field, facing west really is a pleasure to be in.This crop circle lies towards the eastern end of the large field which has seen a number of formations over recent years. 2005 and 2006 both crop circles here and this design also bears a striking resemblance to the final one of 2005 at Etchilhampton Hill. This really is a tranquil spot.


As with the formation at Chirton Bottom, this crop circle shows many quality features, though some of these are set alongside aspects within the laid crop which could raise suspicion.

So much of the crop has recovered to its original standing position over the 3 days since the formation appeared that it is impossible to walk across any of the laid sections without crushing a load of stems back to the ground! This in itself suggests that the crop was not laid too heavily, and certainly the lack of damage on the stems themselves is extremely minimal (see below).  

This lack of damage is contradicted in two areas. Firstly the few inches around the outside of the larger laid sections show a much greater degree of damage and are still laid flat to the ground having not recovered at all.


A similar effect can be seen in the narrow laid pathways which criss-cross the triangular standing sections. Having said this, where these narrow pathways cross over each other, especially in the more central areas, there are some noticeably raised areas.


The is evidence of the laid crop flowing nicely around corners, following the natural direction in a very fluid way. This is particularly clear in the larger sections of flattened crop (see below).


In other parts of the design the laid pathways seem to follow the direction of the stems underneath ‘gap seeking’ to a certain extent.


Despite my questions over the features on the ground which appear to contradict one another, visiting this formation was an absolute pleasure. Thank you again to the farmer, allowing visitors really does make a difference to us all, please give as much as you can!

Crop Circle Summary


Savernake Forest, Wiltshire

Crop Type



Intricate standing triangular sections which overlap each other and a central laid circle.

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