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Ground Report – East Field (2), Wiltshire, 27/07/08

When a crop circle of this size appears in late July in East Field, you know you are not going to have the reflective, contemplative and sometimes solitary experience you get in others. The first day of its appearance saw endless visitors from around the globe and at one point it really was standing room only!

By late evening when I arrived the crowds had dispersed and things were a little more peaceful in the still evening.

This is an interesting little offering from the circle makers, with many features of interest throughout, surprisingly intact after a day of many visitors.

Towards the outer edge of the formation inside the smaller circles emanating from the central star there is a variety of woven constructions. These include knots of crop folded over and tucked under themselves, tufts of standing crop which appear untouched and surrounded by the laid crop, nests and areas where the stems have been bent a few inches from the ground.


Although well trodden, there is a visible flow to the laid crop and in areas where less feet have landed, there is some reasonable quality and fluidity.

Speaking to other crop circle researchers it seems (as usual) that there is some controversy over the origins of this formation, some believing firmly that it is man made, and others feeling just as strongly that this is the genuine article. I am sure everyone’s opinion is backed up with equally valid ‘evidence’ and this is a fine example of how mysterious this mystery can be!

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East Field (2), Wiltshire

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Central star shape with extended arms.

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