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I was very impressed with the flow of the crop when I was taking the shots on Wednesday morning. I used the tractor tracks to navigate the whole area being careful not to disturb the folded grain. I particularly liked the opposing folds within the larger circle area. The three circles decreasing in size as they go off to the left in the overall picture were also notable for their flow around central upstanding “axles”.

In the image above I was standing within the largest of these circles and you can see the second and just make out the last in that shot. In the distance there is the ruin of West Flisk Church and - if you disregard the tractor tracks - the alignment of the 3 circles points towards the Church.

I was also intrigued by the precision of the two crescents which form the largest feature of the crop circle.

We are new to the world of crop circles and having one on our doorstep has certainly fired our imagination and interest.

Thank you very much to Alan and Wendy Mitchell for the ground report and photos (in the gallery).

Crop Circle Summary


West Flisk , Fife, Scotland

Crop Type



Two large crescents with circles and semi-circles inside.

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