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2016 Crop Circle Occurences

Reports and ground shots of the 2016 crop circles.

Castle Hill, Mere-06/06/2016 (Wiltshire)

Dumbbell-style design with laid and standing areas.


Willoughby Hedge, nr Mere-05/06/2016 (Wiltshire)

10 pointed star with standing and laid segments around central circle.

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Silvery Hill-28/05/2016 - 04/06/2 (Wiltshire)

PHASE 1 - central circle and ring. PHASE 2 (4th June) standing, swirling 5 pointed star within laid ring.


Green Street, Avebury-16/05/2016 (Wiltshire)

Laid central circle with outer ring.


East Field-11/05/2016 (Wiltshire)

Small laid circle. NO ACCESS


Hill Barn-06/05/2016 (Wiltshire)

Central standing pentagon with laid outer circle.


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