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2019 Crop Circle Occurences

Reports and ground shots of the 2019 crop circles.

Westbury White Horse-20/07/2019 (Wiltshire)

Delicate 12 pointed, spinning star with central laid circle.

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Fulley Wood-16/07/2019 (Hampshire)

3D cube design created with standing and laid triangles. Contained within outer ring.


Farley Mount-08/07/2019 (Hampshire)

Intersecting circles and rings with alternate laid and standing sections. THE FARMER HAS CUT THE DESIGN FROM THE FIELD.


Yarnbury Castle-03/07/2019 (Wiltshire)

Wide ring with satellite circles attached. Separate, smaller circle with varied ground detail.


Danbury Ring-01/07/2019 (Hampshire)

Intricate collection of pentagrams within laid circle and outer rings.

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Bishops Sutton-29/06/2019 (Hampshire)

Inner laid circle with two satellite circles connected by an outer ring.


Nether-on-the-Hill-21/06/2019 (Surrey)

Stylised ant design with woven laid ring.


Owslebury-11/06/2019 (Hampshire)

Windmill like design with standing sails and a narrower outer ring.


Long Wood-03/06/19 (Hampshire)

Laid rings within 3-fold design around central vesica.


Norridge Wood-22/05/19 (Wiltshire)

Laid and standing rings with two outlying circles.


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