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Planet X
Is Planet X a hoax or confirmed by Bible prophecy? The first literal explanation of Revelation\'s doomsday star Wormwood—coming before the Rapture.

iNFOtek, Commercial Area, Orangi, Karachi, Pakistan.
A Pakistani Scientist & Researcher SYED MUHAMMED KHURRAM REAZ who is also CEO, iNFOtek has in search of crop circles and UFOs in Pakistan for last 10 years. See Also

Web Templates
100 photoshop templates for only $20. Great tools for webmasters.

Crop Circle Nirvana
Articles, comment and analysis on various aspects of the crop circle phenomenon.

The Psychic Children
Exploring the esoteric realms of the new children: DNA changes, Planetary grid activation, earth energies, crop circles, galactic alignment 2012.

The Crop Circle Connector
The Crop Circle Connector is the leading and largest web site for the phenomenon since 1995. It includes the largest crop circle pictorial database on the web.
Crop Circles in Kent, UK

UFO activity in North Wales.

Cropcircles in belgium
Website about cropcircles in Belgium, and about the theories, eyewitnesses, and other information.

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