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Field Report ~ dozens of 400\' to 600\' parallel strips were reported laid down in three barley fields near Phoenix, Arizona in the town of Tolleson the week of May 18, 2005.

iNFOtek, Commercial Area, Orangi, Karachi, Pakistan.
A Pakistani Scientist & Researcher SYED MUHAMMED KHURRAM REAZ who is also CEO, iNFOtek has in search of crop circles and UFOs in Pakistan for last 10 years. See Also

Circular Site
Crop circle website of Dutch researcher Janet Ossebaard; a colourful and very informative site about the formations, the balls of light, the biophysical anomalies, and much more. It contains many hundreds of beautiful colour photos, it gives answers to the most burning questions, and it contains a shop. Also, Janet presents herself and her work in relation with the crop circles. A new, warm and sparkling website, both in English and in Dutch!

Uncle Cosmo\'s Attic
Fun and useful links to paranormal and metaphysical products and services.

The Psychic Children
Exploring the esoteric realms of the new children: DNA changes, Planetary grid activation, earth energies, crop circles, galactic alignment 2012.

BCT Aviation
Crop Circle Pleasure Flight. Choose your own route around the circles of your choice.

BCT Aviation
Crop Circle Pleasure Flight - Select your own route around new and exciting circles

For pro and fun hacky sacks visit

Silbury Hill
Silbury Hill - Zone of Extraterrestrial Activity
Silbury Hill - Extraterrestrial Zone of Contact

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