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The Crop Circle Connector
The Crop Circle Connector is the leading and largest web site for the phenomenon since 1995. It includes the largest crop circle pictorial database on the web.

The Crop Circle Web Site
The UK Crop Circle Web Site

teotihuacan calendar and archeoastronomy ( español )

Field Report ~ dozens of 400\' to 600\' parallel strips were reported laid down in three barley fields near Phoenix, Arizona in the town of Tolleson the week of May 18, 2005.

Planet X
Is Planet X a hoax or confirmed by Bible prophecy? The first literal explanation of Revelation\'s doomsday star Wormwood—coming before the Rapture.

The London Forum for the Study of Crop Circles and Other Mysteries
the London Forum has emerged from the previous London branch of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. We hold meetings every month from September to April at the Sols Arms, Hampstead Rd., close to warren St tube and Euston, on Thursdays, 7pm - 10pm. All very welcome. £6 includes refreshments.

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
Investigating the crop circle phenomenon in the prairies and across the country since 1995.

Sacred Britain Tours
Visit crop circles, meet with expert researchers, take a helicopter flight, attend a crop circle conference; Private out-of-hours visit into the inner circle of Stonehenge; Explore Avebury Landscape Temple, Glastonbury, Chalice Well, Winchester & Wells. August 4-13th 2007. It doesn’t get any better than this!

the living spirits
Site devoted to personal transformation(Game of Transformation from Findhorn), to inner growth (Astro-psycholoy with Huber method), to Science of Spirit(P.Deunov,OM. Aivanhov, E. Cayce)to vibrational healing and much more...

a 10-days - also inner - pilgrimage with challenges on both spiritual and physical level with the aim of inner consciousness, overtonesinging and spiritual growth: Mr Beesley-healing ritual at Stonehenge, cropcircles, Avebury, Sillbury-hill, Avalon, temple of Zodiacsigns. Near death experiences, Eckart Tolle, Ervin Laszlo, Noam Chomsky, Richard Sheldrake, free energy,synchronicity, nature & spirituality, eco economy,

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