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The precision of the mysterious Crop Circles joins to the handicraft imperfections of wood\'s working.

BCT Aviation
Crop Circle Pleasure Flight - Select your own route around new and exciting circles

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
Investigating the crop circle phenomenon in the prairies and across the country since 1995.

United Space - Tommy Borms
Lightphenomena, cropcircles.

Hacky Sacks
For top quality hacky sacks visit the footbag specialist Kemari.

Cropcircles in belgium
Website about cropcircles in Belgium, and about the theories, eyewitnesses, and other information.
Crop Circles in Kent, UK

teotihuacan calendar and archeoastronomy ( espaņol )

The Psychic Children
Exploring the esoteric realms of the new children: DNA changes, Planetary grid activation, earth energies, crop circles, galactic alignment 2012.

Earths mysteries
This is a religious based open forum for serious discussion on all the earths mysteries. We hope here, to get to the bottom of what it\'s all about! come and view our home page, if you like what you see, please join. We would welcome you and love to see you there. Em ma\'at Nymaatra

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