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Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
Investigating the crop circle phenomenon in the prairies and across the country since 1995.

united-space organization
Activity Extraterrestrial in the Space & on the Earth

iNFOtek, Commercial Area, Orangi, Karachi, Pakistan.
A Pakistani Scientist & Researcher SYED MUHAMMED KHURRAM REAZ who is also CEO, iNFOtek has in search of crop circles and UFOs in Pakistan for last 10 years. See Also

BCT Aviation
Crop Circle Pleasure Flight. Choose your own route around the circles of your choice.

LightCircles Jewelry
This site features LightCircles™ Fine Jewelry representing the Crop Circles. The clean contemporary styles highlight the patterns and appeal to both men and women. It introduces new research on the affects and experiences of people working with and wearing silver crop circle images on the body.

Cropcircles in belgium
Website about cropcircles in Belgium, and about the theories, eyewitnesses, and other information.

Pkcropcircles and UFOs, Karachi, Pakistan.
A Pakistani Self-research scientist Syed Muhammed Khurram Reaz, MS(IT), OCP, BS(CS), DCS, DAE has been invloved to find, search and research the Crop circles and UFOs in Pakistan for last 10 years.

BCT Aviation
Crop Circle Pleasure Flight - Select your own route around new and exciting circles

Crop Circle Nirvana
Articles, comment and analysis on various aspects of the crop circle phenomenon.

The Crop Circle Web Site
The UK Crop Circle Web Site

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