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United Space - Tommy Borms
Lightphenomena, cropcircles.

Digital art web site with original and colorful computer generated art; fantasy, abstract and 3d images. Plus 1000 links to Future Trends, Astronomy, Crop Circles, SF, Digital Art, Science, tutorials, software, etc.

Crop Circle Nirvana
Articles, comment and analysis on various aspects of the crop circle phenomenon.

The Crop Circle Web Site
The UK Crop Circle Web Site

Collective Futures
Information linking crop circles to Spiritual Physical Phenomena via Creationary Forces. Music leaves a signature of diatonics. Thoughtforms, another. Come learn what we have discovered!

united-space organization
Activity Extraterrestrial in the Space & on the Earth

a 10-days - also inner - pilgrimage with challenges on both spiritual and physical level with the aim of inner consciousness, overtonesinging and spiritual growth: Mr Beesley-healing ritual at Stonehenge, cropcircles, Avebury, Sillbury-hill, Avalon, temple of Zodiacsigns. Near death experiences, Eckart Tolle, Ervin Laszlo, Noam Chomsky, Richard Sheldrake, free energy,synchronicity, nature & spirituality, eco economy,
Silbury Hill - Extraterrestrial Zone of Contact

UFO activity in North Wales.

Hacky Sacks
For top quality hacky sacks visit the footbag specialist Kemari.

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