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This 'ghost' image of the Cley Hill formation which appeared in July 2017 has appeared as wheat seeds have begun to germinate in the harvested field. Walking through the 'formation' adds to the sense of overall scale of this huge design, which can still be seen very clearly on the ground.

Interestingly, only one field away, in the location of the Cley Hill crop circle of 2016, a similarly impressive 'ghost' formation was to be seen at the same time last year.

With the crop circle season apparently over (although there are still plenty of maize fields ripening across the country) this is a lovely addition to the phenomenon once again.

Most photos have been adjusted to increase colour and contrast to enhance the effect of the image in the field. 

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Cley Hill GHOST 2017, Wiltshire

Crop Type

Wheat - Regrowth


GHOST IMAGE of the Cley Hill formation

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