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Green Street (2), Wiltshire, 8th August 2014

Green Street (1), Wiltshire, 29th July 2014

Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire, 27th July 2014

Ackling Dyke, Dorset, 29th June 2014

Bradbury Rings, 17th June, Dorset

Please click the images below to see our detailed ground shots from this lovely formation. In-depth ground report coming soon.

2013 Crop Circles

Please click the image below to read our detailed GROUND REPORT from the Etchilhampton crop circle which came towards the end of the 2013 crop circle season.

Hackpen Hill (2), Wiltshire, 11/08/13

Chute Causeway, Wiltshire, 10/08/13

Gripp Patch, Wiltshire, 31/07/13

Please click the image below to read our ground report from this fascinating crop circle.

New ground report from Roundway - please click below

Roundway Hill, Wiltshire 24/07/13

Please click the image below to see our ground shots from the new formation near Roundway, Wiltshire.

Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire 15/07/13

Please click below to see our ground report and images from our early morning visit to this lovely formation.

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